‘She Would Never Know’ character relationship also revealed, square relationship before the storm

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‘She Would Never Know’ revealed the relationship diagram.

JTBC’s Monday and Tuesday drama ‘She Would Never Know’ (director Lee Dong-yoon, screenplay Chae Yoon, production JTBC Studio), which draws a romance that began without my knowledge, only looks at her with Yoon Song-ah (played by Won Jin-ah) who says that juniors don’t see them as men. The perfect junior, Chae Hyeon-seung (Ro-woon), is predicting an excitement warning with the push of a push.

The character relationship chart released on the 8th is full of colorful and unique characters to stimulate more interest. First, Song-ah Yoon and team leader Lee Jae-shin (played by Lee Hyun-wook), who are the third-year marketer, are connected as ‘lovers’, but next to him, Lee Jae-shin and Clar’s granddaughter Lee Hyo-joo (played by Lee Joo-bin) are ‘engaged’, and they rob the eyes of the three men and women. What secrets exist.

This breathtaking night before the storm stimulates curiosity, and gives an intuition to the wind of change that will blow between the first year of marketer Chae Hyun-seung, who loves Yoon Song-ah and Yoon Song-a, who regards him only as a ‘caring junior’. In particular, Chae Hyeon-seung, who is more serious about love than anyone else, makes her heart beating just by imagining what decision she will make to protect her.

Lee Jae-woon (Lee Gyu-han), Lee Jae-shin’s friend and Lee Hyo-joo’s brother, is sending a heart to Chae Hyun-seung’s first sister, Chae Ji-seung (Wang Bit-na), and a new joke of fate begins. Chae Hyun-seung’s second sister Chae Yeon-seung (played by Ha Yun-gyeong), her husband Kang Woo-hyun (played by Lee Dong-ha), her cute daughter Kang Ha-eun (played by Park So-i), and Korean restaurant chef Ryu Han-seo (played by Choi Jeong-won), faced an unexpected situation.

The characters around Yoon Song-ah also spread another story. My mother Oh Wol-soon (Lee Ji-hyun) obsessed with her after the loss of her husband, and her best friend chemistry with Kim Ga-young (Kang Hye-jin), who knows the only situation and the mother-daughter who is little by little, is looking forward to seeing what other aspects of Yoon Song-ah will be met.

On the other hand, the members of the ‘Clar’ team are scene stealers that cannot be left out. Deputy General Manager Kwon Seong-yeon (Ahn Se-ha), Manager Yoo Jae-kyung (Yang Joa), Assistant Manager Ahn Yu-seon (Kim Han-na), and Kang Soo-mi (Kim Hye-in) appeared in a variety of personalities that seem to exist in the real company. Expect empathy, who bursts and sometimes nods.

In addition, Chae Hyun-seung’s motives for joining the company are Kim Min-seong (played by Kim Seo-ha), Lee Se-rim (played by Park Han-sol), and Do Ye-jin (Kwon Han-sol), a café run by Oh Wol-soon, and Jong-hyuk Kim (played by Kim Kwang-gyu), president of Chae Hyun-seung’s favorite bar ‘Chairman Lee Myung-seok (played by Jeon Kook-hwan) and other unique characters who will pop out from all over are predicting the fun that cannot be missed for a moment.

JTBC’s Monday and Tuesday drama ‘She Would Never Know’ will be broadcast for the first time at 9 PM on the 18th (Mon).


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