Special feature of actors to pay attention to in 2021… starring Kim Seong-oh, Kim Min-jae, Min Jin-woong

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Acting actors Kim Seong-oh, Kim Min-jae, and Min Jin-woong will join as actors to watch in 2021.

JTBC’s ‘Movie Room’, which airs on the 10th, will be decorated with a special feature of ‘Actors to Watch in 2021’ in celebration of the new year. Actress Kim Seong-oh, who played the creepy psychopath ‘Ki-beom’ in the movie ‘Missing You’, actor Kim Min-jae, who played ‘Hwang Joong-sa’ who lost humanity in ‘The Peninsula’, and Min Jin-woong, an actor who captured the heart on ‘Dongju’ and ‘Park Yeol’, etc. appears.

On this day, reporter Joo Seong-cheol said about the performances of Kim Seong-oh and Kim Min-jae, “both actors played villains without genealogy in the movie. Actor Kim Sung-oh played a unique killer with a sense of superiority and inferiority at the same time, while actor Kim Min-jae played a cruel character that seemed to be paralyzed by reason “ In addition, for actor Min Jin-woong of ‘Dongju’, he added, “Director Lee Jun-ik said that Min Jin-woong reminds him of Yoo Hae-jin.”

Kim Seong-oh, who emerged as an actor specializing in villain characters through ‘Uncle’ and ‘Angry Bull’, said, “Many people know that my personality is similar to the villain character. Not long ago, I was surprised to see young students asking for autographs and saying hello at 90 degrees.”

On the other hand, while the three actors revealed their friendship with a frank talk, Min Jin-woong added a laugh by stating that he was an older brother who had to buy rice at that time, referring to his college days with Kim Min-jae.

JTBC’s ‘Movie Room’ New Year special with actors Kim Seong-oh, Kim Min-jae, and Min Jin-woong will be broadcast at 10:30 am on the 10th (Sun).


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