Chef of ‘Bolred Fresh Gods’ → Hallyu idol, all-time challengers dispatched… “The best ramen of my life”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

All-time high-ranking challengers are dispatched to ‘Bolred Fresh Gods’.

MBC entertainment program ‘Bolred Fresh Gods’, which will be aired for the first time at 9:45 pm on the 15th, is a program to find a ‘low world taste recipe’ that will satisfy the tastes of fierce fresh people (Seo Jang-hoon, Kim Jong-guk, Seong Si-kyung, Haha). It is a ‘new concept blind cooking program’ that evaluates only ‘taste’ without knowing the information on whether it was cooked or what kind of cooking process it went through.

A new cooking theme is held every week, and the long-awaited one-time theme is ‘Ramen’! Challengers with ingenious ramen recipes gathered from all over the country, and it is said that the filming was even hotter with the best chefs in Korea as well as popular global stars.

What is the ‘Taste Recipe of the World’ that received rave reviews from Seong Si-kyung, a sexy man and gourmet, saying, “The best ramen in my life!”

The identity of the protagonist who won the pure gold ax by gaining unanimity from the four tough MCs can be confirmed in MBC’s ‘Bolred Fresh Gods’, which will be broadcast first at 9:45 pm on the 15th.

Photo courtesy| MBC
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