Lee Guk-ju, suffering from enteritis… “I’m getting burnt with food, I don’t lose weight”

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Lee Guk-ju announced the current situation of suffering from enteritis.

On the 10th, Lee Guk-ju posted a post on her Instagram on the 10th, saying, “#Stomachahe #enteritis #4th that was terrible #Lee Guk-ju I’m getting burned with food”.

She added, “#Run today #I want to eat tteokbokki kimchi stew jello. #I don’t lose weight #Apple teeth #cover my face with my side hair #Do not get hurt #Happy New Year to everyone.”

She released a selfie photo with the text. In the photo, Lee Guk-ju is showing off her white skin and posing in a V pose. Despite suffering from gastroenteritis, she does not lose weight, showing her sad expression.

Netizens responded with “Don’t get sick. Your face has become half as if you’re sick”, “Be careful with your health”.

On the other hand, Lee Guk-ju is showing off a lot of talent in the tvN entertainment program ‘Comedy Big League’.


Photo|Lee Guk-ju’s SNS

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