‘Luca: The Beginning’ Kim Rae-won X Lee Da-hee X Kim Seong-oh character poster released

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

The ‘chase action end plate king’, beyond imagination, is on the way.

‘Luca: The Beginning’ (screenplay Cheon Seong-il, director Kim Hong-seon), opening the door of tvN’s Monday and Tuesday drama in 2021, released character posters of Kim Rae-won, Lee Da-hee, and Kim Seong-oh that will show a new world of action by exploding unlimited action instincts. Revealed.

‘Luca: The Beginning’ is a spectacle chase action play in which Geo (played by Kim Rae-won), who was chased for his special ability, faces a huge conspiracy with the only homicide detective Goo-reum(played by Da-hee) who remembers him. A large number of actors such as Kim Rae-won, Lee Da-hee, and Kim Seong-oh, who predicted an unprecedented transformation, and other actors such as Kim Sang-ho, Park Hyuk-kwon, Jung Ji-sang, and Jin Kyung, emerged as the most anticipated work in the first half.

Above all, the expectation that the ‘masters of the genre’ pour into the pursuit action in harmony is hot. Director Kim Hong-seon, who has unfolded the world of unrivaled directing such as ‘Voice 1’and’Hand the guest’, and Chun Seong-il, who has been loved through dramas and movies such as ‘The Slave Hunters’, ‘Pirates’ and ‘7th Grade Civil Servant’, has helped drama fans It makes me flutter. It opens a new horizon of genre by completing a new worldview with the subject of ‘human evolution’. It is also interesting to note that it is the first drama chosen by cinematographer Choi Young-hwan, who is said to be in the Korean film industry, such as ‘Veteran’, ‘Berlin’, and ‘The Thieves’. In addition, martial arts director Jang Jae-wook of the movie ‘The Great Battle’ is added to herald the birth of a pursuit action with a different scale.

In the meantime, the released character posters are expected of the performances of Kim Rae-won, Lee Da-hee, and Kim Seong-oh who will be hotly clashed. The extraordinary aura of the people who pursue the world-changing existence with different desires and purposes in a terrible chase gives a thrilling thrill.

Rae-won Kim, who is played as ‘Geo’, a man who is chased by hiding his ability to change the world, captures the gaze with a secret aura and a glance where emptiness, urgency, and anger coexist. His face full of scars reminds us of Geo’s fierce and lonely struggle, thrown into the world alone. Geo pursues unidentified people who constantly pursue him because of his special ‘abilities’ and ‘secrets’ that are not in the world. Kim Rae-won perfectly completed the’Geo’ character, the core of the worldview of ‘Luca: The Beginning’, with unlimited action instincts and deep acting.

The only girl living in Geo’s memory, Lee Da-hee’s intense acting transformation, resembled a ‘cloud in the sky’ also attracts attention. Goo-reum, a homicide detective who was transferred from the Severe Crime Investigation Division, is a character who persistently pursues the case of her missing parents as a child and tries to approach the truth. Lee Da-hee’s charisma and alliance with a gun grabbing a gun and fighting an urgent chase makes her fall into the character. Her transformation, who will be active with unstoppable action, heralds the rise of a new ‘action heroine’.

Kim Seong-oh, who plays the role of ‘Lee Son’ who pursues Geo with a beast-like instinct, causes goosebumps with one insanity. Lee Son, an agent from the Special Forces, has a unique ability. The fierce chase with Geo to survive presents a feeling of urgency that makes you sweat in your hands. The sharp eyes and dark charisma that overwhelm the opponent at once add curiosity to Lee Son’s narrative. In particular, Kim Rae-won and Kim Seong-oh’s exciting action showdown is expected to be another point of watching.

The production crew of ‘Luca: The Beginning’ said, “The chase of those who go beyond human limits is hotly unfolding. The passionate performances of actors who do not lose their body added strength to the worldview completed by the genre optimization dream team. It would be nice to look forward to the spectacle chase action that will evoke a sensation.”

Meanwhile, tvN’s new Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Luca: The Beginning’ will be aired for the first time on Monday, February 1 at 9 pm.



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