‘Sea Bird’ Singer Kim Seong-gi “I’m impressed by Lim Young-woong’s cover ‘Love Fool'”…Special relationship revealed

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Kim Seong-gi, famous for the ‘three kings of the singing classroom’, expressed his gratitude to Lim Young-woong for covering his song, and heralded a vigorous new year’s activities.

‘Love Fool’ video covered by Kim Seong-gi, Lim Young-woong, has recently exceeded 370,000 views, and the number of views has steadily risen, realizing its popularity. In the fan cafe of Lim Young-woong, there is a request that “I want to listen to the ‘Love Fool’ at TV Chosun’s ‘Love Call Center’,” saying, “Lim Young-woong digested the ‘Love Fool’ of Singer Kim Seong-gi very well.”

Kim Seong-gi is a member of the seabird from the Riverside Music Festival and a star instructor famous as an idol in the singing class. He invites potential newcomers to his singing class and has time to learn songs with the members, and is a publicity stage for new singers and star Dung Yong-moon. He has even played a role.

Kim Seong-gi has been making a special relationship by early discovering the singing skills and humble personality of Lim Young-woong, a newcomer, and since 2018, he frequently invited him to his singing class and performed a warm duet stage.

Kim Seong-ki said, “Lim Young-woong is so happy through ‘Mr. Trot’ that I am happy like my job. In the past, the appearance of being on the stage together or the cover song of ‘Love Foot’ attracted attention late, so a lot of calls come from around you. “I want to be more empowered as a senior so that not only Lim Young-woong but also the rookie trot singers who went through my singing class can do well.”

Kim Seong-gi is currently running a YouTube channel called ‘Kim Seong-gi Seabird TV’. Every Thursday at 8 pm, she is meeting her fans live. Recently, Kim Min-geon, Na Mi-ae, and Brother Gak appeared in ‘The People of Trot’, and Ha Dong-geun and Seong Bin from ‘Mr. Trot’ also appeared and attracted attention.

On the other hand, Kim Seong-gi appeared on KBS1’s’A Song Stage’, which airs at 10 pm on the 11th, singing Hyun-in’s ‘Dream Once Again’. Kim Seong-gi plans to release a new song following ‘Love Fool’ this year.


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