The One, Forced Plastic Surgery Confession “Recent Eyeline Correction” (‘Video Star’)

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer The One forcibly confesses the fact of plastic surgery in ‘Video Star’.

MBC Everyone’s’Video Star’, which airs on the 12th, will appear in the 1plus4 special ‘The One’s Relationship’ with The One, Lee Pil-mo, Lee Young-hyun, Min Woo-hyuk, and Papa Geumpa.

In a recent recording, The One unintentionally confessed that he had recently undergone plastic surgery. Papa Geumpa, a shaman, revealed the fact of The One’s plastic surgery.

Papa Geumpa said, “A while ago, The One was wearing sunglasses, so when I looked closely, there was a bruise in his eye. He doesn’t even wear glasses anymore because I’m pretty from the eye surgery.” The back door said that The One was embarrassed by an unexpected disclosure.

Following this, his best friend Lee Pil-mo revealed The One’s unique sleeping habit. Lee Pil-Mo said, “Before The One went to bed, I clearly slept with the cookie on the side of my bed. I hadn’t gotten up, but the cookie was empty.” In response, The One said, “I fell asleep with sweets around me, but I woke up with a nightmare of getting stabbed in my back. I saw a snack on my back.” He added a funny anecdote caused by his sleeping habit.

The revelation of best friends did not end. Eum Moon-seok said, “The One wore the same training suit for a year, twelve months, so I secretly discarded it,” and said, “My brother was so angry that I couldn’t speak, but I actually abandoned it.” Details of the phone connection will be revealed on the broadcast.

The reverse entertainment and honest appearance of singer The One, the king of singing ability, can be seen at MBC Every1 ‘Video Star’ at 8:30 pm on the 12th.

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