‘We Got Divorced’ Former Top Dog member Park Se-hyuk, BP Rania Kim Yoo-min appeared… First idol couple

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Park Se-hyuk (former member of Top Dog) and Kim Yoo-min (former member of BP Rania) join the TV CHOSUN real-time drama ‘We Got Divorced’ as the 5th couple.

TV CHOSUN’s real-time drama ‘We Got Divorced (hereinafter referred to as right divorce)’ is receiving explosive attention from viewers by showing a fresh and unconventional entertainment based on the story of a divorced couple afterwards. Lee Young-ha & Sunwoo Eun-suk, Choi Go-gi & Yoo Catnip, Park Jae-hoon & Park Hye-young, Lee Ha-neul & Park Yoo-seon are more drama-like than the dramas of the four couples, and their inner minds that have not been revealed so far have been revealed, and the popularity continues to rise.

On the 11th (today) in the 8th episode, Park Se-hyuk and Kim Yoo-min are scheduled to appear as the new 5th couple, so they are focusing their attention. Park Se-hyuk is a former member of the idol group Top Dog, under the stage name of P. Kim Yoo-min also played an active part in the idol group BP Rania as a former member. When the two were married in 2018, they brought up an issue in terms of the marriage of active idol group members.

Most of all, Park Se-hyuk and Kim Yoo-min, who were married in 2018 after a one-year relationship, gave birth to a son in December of that year, but they once again drew attention by announcing the news of the birth and the fact of separation. Afterwards, the two separated and eventually divorced in 2019, ending a short marriage of only six months.

In particular, Park Se-hyuk and Kim Yoo-min have never met separately since their divorce in 2019. It was the first meeting two years after the divorce through the appearance of ‘We Got Divorced’, thus predicting a more unusual reunion.

Moreover, Park Se-hyuk, born in 1991, and Kim Yoo-min, born in 1994, are expected to tell the story of a young divorced couple in 2030, who are 31 and 28 years old this year, respectively. Following the ‘We Got Divorced’ No. 2 couple Choi Go-gi and Yoo Catnip, which arouses sympathy in the hot topic, expectations are rising whether the new 2030 young divorce couple Park Se-hyuk and Kim Yoo-min will amplify viewers’ consensus.

The production crew said, “The younger-generation divorced couple Park Se-hyuk and Kim Yoo-min, who will succeed Choi Go-gi and Yoo Catnip couple, is confessing the inner circumstances of the divorce that have not been revealed so far in the ‘We Got Divorced’. We ask for your warm interest and support.”

Meanwhile, the TV CHOSUN real-time drama ‘We Got Divorced’ is broadcast every Friday at 10 pm.


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