250,000 copies of Treasure’s full album pre-order…about to record 1 million copies of the ‘THE FIRST STEP’ series

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Rookie group Treasure’s ‘THE FIRST STEP’ series album has sold a total of 1 million copies.

According to the agency YG Entertainment on the 12th, Treasure’s 1st regular album ‘THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT’, which was officially released on the day, was estimated to have reached 250,000 copies by the day before.

Treasure’s own highest initial sales volume is expected. As a result, it is expected that Treasure’s goal of 1 million copies of the ‘THE FIRST STEP’ series, which was expected to be raised, will be smooth. Prior to this first regular album, the cumulative sales of the three single albums released by Treasure were more than 720,000.

The title track of Treasure’s first full album, ‘MY TREASURE’, was released on the 11th at 6 pm and took the top spot on the AWA rapid rise chart. In addition, ‘GOING CRAZY’, the signal song of ‘YG Jewelry Box’, rose to No. 1 in the Rakuten Music real-time ranking.

In addition, ‘MY TREASURE’, which once soared to No. 2 on the Line Music Song Top 100 real-time chart, is expected to rise amid the popularity of fans.

The album topped iTunes in 18 countries. It ranks second on the worldwide album chart. The distribution of countries by continents such as Brazil, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Spain, and India is also very diverse, suggesting the widespread global popularity of Treasure.

Treasure is very active under YG’s super-fast and super-intensive strategy. Since their debut on August 7th, they released a new song almost once a month, and have been rushing to release a regular album, shining the presence of a prepared rookie.


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