BJ Eun-jin from DIA, complaining about bad comments “My life, I live… Don’t mind”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Eun-jin (BJ Chin Eun-jin) from DIA complained about her grievances.

On the 12th, Eun-jin posted a long article on the bulletin board of her Africaa channel ‘Eunjin TV’ and struck a blow at the bad guys.

She said, “After I left the team, the people who were fans wrote bad comments and made unreasonable comments that the team was harmed because of me. I had a grievance of my own, so I came down from the entertainment industry I had dreamed of, but it is not good to see me making bad comments while making strange words.”

She added, “My life is my life, and whatever I do, it is my life, so please pay attention to other people’s lives, and at that time, I hope you will pay more attention to your life. It’s my responsibility and my job to have a health problem, and it’s my life to choose to withdraw as if it were my life, so I hope you don’t care.”

Finally, “I live my life. Please take care of my life.”

Eun-jin left DIA in May 2018 due to health problems. Currently, she is operating YouTube and Africaa TV channels.

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