‘Cultwo Show’ Hanhae, chatter of quirky rapper #Shower #Head #Kim Min-kyung

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Rapper Hanhae boasted of a whimsical speech.

On the afternoon of the 12th, when snow fell in Seoul again, SBS Power FM ‘2’o clock’s Escape Cultwo Show’ (hereinafter ‘Cultwo Show’) featured comedian Yoo Min Sang as a special DJ and Han Hae as a guest.

On that day, DJ Kim Tae-gyun asked, “Hanhae came here this week after last week. My hair seems to be twisted a little differently from last time.” Hanhae said, “I haven’t been doing it today. It’s been six years. Originally in the military, When you come back (because your hair is free), you want to keep changing your hair. Next week, I’m going to dye my hair.” He fulfilled his defense duties and was discharged last September.

On this day, Hanhae expressed a good feeling for the comedian Kim Min-kyung, who appeared in the ‘Cultwo Show’ with DJ Yoo Min-sang and last week’s ‘Cultwo Show’, saying, “You’re so attractive. I fell in love with the first face.” As a result, Yoo Min-sang trembled, saying, “You comfortably say that this person has nothing to do with it.” Yoo Min-sang said, “If there’s a good thing of the end of ‘gag concert’, it is that I don’t see Kim Min-kyung. We meet several times a week.”

In the second part of the previous Cult To Show, Yoo Min-sang said, “Thank you for filling up your seat instead of Kim Min-kyung.” Real-time texts lined up, saying, “I just need to say thank you, but is it not after sale to buy rice?” In response, Yoo Min-sang drew a line saying, “Is this fun for everyone? If we play around like that, we won’t be able to marry in our lifetime.”

On this day, the two DJs and guests participated in the corner ‘Let’s go in the middle.’ ‘Let’s go in the middle’ is a corner where the 2nd place wins among the answers given by my three people about statistics for a specific question and gives a gift to the listeners who gave the same answer as the 2nd place. Today’s first challenge question was, ‘How many minutes will a Korean take a shower?’ After listening to Norajo’s ‘shower’, each released the expected answer.

Kim Tae-gyun replied with 25 minutes based on his experience. Hanhae said, “I was similar to Tae-gyun’s brother, but I cut it in half after I went to the military. I thought a lot while taking a shower,” he speculated at 15 minutes. DJ Yoo Min-sang replied that it was 11 minutes. Kim Tae-gyun guessed second place and won the final victory.

They talked about their shower style as they were asked about the shower.

When asked, “Which part do you wash when you take a shower?”, Hanhae also answered, “I feel like something is naked. I wash the important parts first. And then wash my hair.” “Do you take a shower in the morning or in the evening?” “I do it in the morning and in the evening,” and said, “It’s not good to wash too much.” I only do it in the morning.”

When DJ Kim Tae-gyun said, “I sing a lot while taking a shower,” Han Hae said, “I am too. I don’t sing normally. But when I take a shower, I become a rocker.”

On that day, a listener sent a real-time text saying, “Sometimes I look great when I take a shower.” At the same time, a selfie picture taken by Yoo Min-sang after taking a shower was released on the screen of ‘Cultwo Show’. DJ Kim Tae-gyun said, “No, I don’t know how to post such a picture on social media.”

‘Let’s go in the middle’ The second challenge question was ‘Which food goes well with white milk?’ Kim Tae-gyun predicted with bread. Yoo Min-sang replied, “A variety of cookies such as chocolate cookies.” Hanhae said, “I like ‘Mong O’ among the pies,” but chose walnut confectionery as the best compatibility. This time, Yoo Min-sang Yoo sent a 1 liter of white milk to the listeners with the answer of second place. The answer that came out the most was Castella.

On this day, DJ Kim Tae-gyun ended the broadcast saying, “I am grateful for Yoo Min-sang for coming back in good health, and it is good for Han Hae to look healthy.”

Meanwhile, Hanhae released a single ‘SICK’ on December 20 last year. He is also appearing in tvN entertainment program ‘Amazing Saturday-Doremi Market’.


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