Hong Soo-ah X Seo Ha-joon, unconventional + provocation pictorial

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Actors Soosoo-ah and Seo Ha-jun of’Firebird 2020′ showed off a breakthrough couple pictorial.

On the 12th, on the 12th, Susooah, who is boasting the charm of Lee Ji-eun in the SBS daily morning drama’Firebird 2020,’ is showing off her screaming and bold girl crush charm. The two who are loved by viewers with’Jijeong Couple’ and’Soo Ha-Joon Couple’ decorated the cover of the magazine Mac&Gina.

The two showed provocative poses against the bed and bathtub of the hotel suite in the background, revealing the chemistry of’stopping’. In particular, Soosoo-a captivates men with her deadly eyes and glamorous body. Seo Ha-jun also shook women’s hearts with her wild charm, revealing her coppery skin.

In the following interview, Hong Soo-ah said, “The melodrama of Jung-min, Eun-Jin, who wrote the original ‘Firebird’, draws love very well, and director Hyun-jik and Kim Jae-hong direct it in a delicate and beautiful way.”

“The character Lee Ji-eun is also very attractive, but the excitement is doubled as Ha-Jun handles the Seo Jung-min character so well. ‘Firebird 2020’ is a special work for me in a number of ways, and I think it will remain a life work.”

Regarding the modifier ‘the first love icon of the continent’, Hong Soo-Ah said, “I am ashamed and grateful whenever I hear the truth. Most of the roles in China were innocent and protective instincts, and in a Chinese movie called ‘Child Without Eyes’, he also took on the role of a proud and just reporter. I suffered so much that I couldn’t say it, so there seems to be no result without effort. I am always grateful to Korean fans as well as Chinese fans because they looked at me without prejudice and let me start my second acting life.”

Regarding her plans as an actor, Soosoo-ah said, “I will do my best and accept any role with gratitude.” “If I have the opportunity, I want to challenge the medical drama.” Lastly, he announced his goal of “I want to become an actor who can express tens of thousands of characters that absorbs pretty much whatever color he puts on white paper.”

On the other hand, Seo Ha-jun from ‘Firebird 2020’, who meets the popular drama ‘Firebird’ again, is going to show a passionate melody beyond the heartbeat chemistry. Soo-ah Soo-ah’s agency, Globig Entertainment, asked for an expectation, “Please watch the changes in love that are becoming more sad and deepening, such as the conflict and ordeal that will stir up the relationship between the two following the ‘extraordinary bed scene’ to be unfolded on the 14th (Thursday) episode 59 broadcast.

The drama ‘Firebird 2020’ starring Hong Soo-ah and Seo Ha-jun will be broadcast on SBS at 8:35 am on weekdays.


Photo courtesy of Mac & Gina
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