Kim Seong-eun, One Piece with Split Side Split

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Kim Seong-eun boasted this elegant charm.

On the 12th, Kim Seong-eun posted two photos on her Instagram with the words “A style like spring has come. Happy worrying about what kind of clothes to wear.”

In the released photo, Kim Seong-eun wearing a white floral dress and a blue dress was captured. She showed off her extraordinary sense of fashion by wearing a dress with an opening and boots rising below the knee. Her unique aura who can digest any clothes catches the eye. The slender waist, small face and perfect eight-headed proportions excite.

Netizens responded by saying, “Both dresses are sticky”, “Really while”, and “It’s really beautiful.”

Meanwhile, Kim Seong-eun married former soccer player Jeong Jo-guk in 2009 and had two sons and one daughter.

Photo|Kim Seong-eun SNS

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