Lee Juck lyrics and composition ‘Soul’ OST, released today (12th) [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

Lee Juck releases song ‘Comma (with Yoon Seok-cheol)’, inserted in the domestic dubbing version of ‘Soul’, will be revealed.

The domestic end-credit song ‘Comma’ of the movie ‘Soul’ created by Lee Lee will be released for the first time on various music sites such as Melon, Bugs, and Genie Music at 6 pm on the 12th.

‘Comma’, written and composed by Lee Yi, is a song containing heartfelt lyrics for everyone in this era with the sweet piano melody of jazz pianist Yoon Seok-cheol.

In addition, the released ‘In the Zone’ video includes Jamie Foxx, who played the voice of ‘Joe Gardner’ in ‘Soul’, Lee Juck, a domestic endcredit song creator, and artists from around the world who participated in the music work of ‘Soul’ in each country. It has a figure that catches the eye.

When ‘Joe Gardner’ in the movie is immersed in jazz music, he falls into ‘in the zone’ without knowing it. Including Lee Juck, ‘JJ Lin’ from China, ‘Agnes Nunes’ from Brazil, ‘Celeest’ from England, ‘Nasun Hatono’ from Singapore, ‘Nowra’ from Indonesia, ‘Isyana’, ‘Tompy’ from France, ‘ Many artists, such as Abbie Bernados, Spain’s Pablo Lopez, and Japan’s Eito, have described the moments of their own feelings of ‘excitement,’ “the moment they are completely immersed in music”, “special and amazing moments”, “ It was a moment like entering a different dimension” and “a very beautiful moment” and delivered a message that it was special to be able to be with ‘Soul’.

The film depicts a special adventure where ‘Joe’, who became a soul due to an unexpected accident, and ’22’, a soul who does not want to go to the earth, go together. Released on January 20th.


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