‘Lee Kyung-gyu’s daughter’ Lee Ye-rim marries soccer player Kim Young-chan

Lee Kyoungkyu. Photo|Star Today DB

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

The marriage fortune of ‘Ask Anything’ was right. Lee Kyung-gyu’s daughter Lee Ye-rim and soccer player Kim Young-chan are scheduled to get married in the second half of this year.

In an interview with a media outlet on the 12th, Lee Kyung-gyu said, “Ye-rim is preparing for a wedding in the second half of this year due to the COVID-19. I have a light heart rather than regret that my daughter is getting married.”

In addition, Lee Kyung-gyu said, “My son-in-law is good at soccer and is sincere. I like it. They are also good at me.”

Lee Ye-rim and Kim Young-chan couple. Photo|Lee Yerim SNS

Lee Kyung-gyu appeared in KBS Joy’s ‘Ask Anything’ that aired on the 11th. Lee Kyung-gyu picked a marriage fortune from the flag fortune-telling that day. Lee Kyung-gyu was amazed and said, “It’s really good.” Seo Jang-hoon speculated that “Ye-rim is getting married, right?” and Lee Kyung-gyu drew attention with a meaningful smile without saying anything.

On the other hand, Lee Kyung-gyu’s daughter, Lee Ye-rim, appeared on SBS ‘Take Care of Dad’ in 2015 and made her face known. Afterwards, she appeared in entertainment programs,’Yelim’s All-In-One Truck’, drama ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty’, ‘Miss Complex’, and ‘Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung’. Lee Ye-rim and Kim Young-chan have been in public dating since 2017.


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