‘Sound of fullness’ Yoon Doo-jun, history of pork belly + ramen meal… A food star with a reason

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Boy group Highlight member Yoon Doo-jun’s meal was revealed.

Mnet’s first broadcast on the 11th,’Sound of fullness’, is a new concept food entertainment content containing Yoon Doo-jun’s delicious zip-cock real food.

In the first episode of ‘Sound of fullness’, consisting of the pork belly and the ramen side, Yoon Doo-jun showed his eating instinct to his heart’s content and completely snipe the viewers’ mouth and salivary glands. Thanks to Yoon Doo-jun’s delicate expressive power, office worker, and acting as a light (highlight fandom name), the high-quality food room of ‘Sound of fullness’ was fully unfolded without a single word.

In particular, it caught the attention of viewers by showing various combinations by eating pork, bibimmyeon, miso stew, marbled ramen, and green onion kimchi together.

‘Sound of fullness’, first unveiled through Mnet’s digital studio M2 channel in November last year, is a customized zip-cock real eating program for modern people who have longer time at home due to Corona 19. Thanks to ‘original food star’ Yoon Doo-jun, the cumulative number of views of ‘Sound of fullness’ over the past two and a half months exceeded 486 million.

Thanks to such popularity, the ‘Sound of fullness’, which I met with TV viewers, reaffirmed the power of Yoon Doo-jun, who was a mastermind. Yoon Doo-jun conveyed both friendliness and surrogate satisfaction to the home theater through natural eating.

On the other hand, ‘Sound of fullness’ is broadcast every Monday at 11 pm.


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