Will Bae Jin-woong reveal his opinion about actress sexual assault charges

Actress Jinwoong Bae. Picture I Chang Company

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Bae Jin-woong is going to break the silence and reveal his position on the alleged sexual assault on the actress.

According to officials on the 12th, Bae Jin-woong plans to distribute his position on the suspicions through a press release as soon as the position on the day is arranged.

According to Bae Jin-woong’s aide, he is currently preparing to announce an official position with a lawyer appointed. Bae Jin-woong changed his social media to private immediately after the incident was reported the day before and has not been contacted for the second day. Currently, he is working independently without an agency in charge of management.

Earlier, the sports trend reported that Bae Jin-woong on December 23 last year was under investigation by the police on the 16th for committing a sex crime by lured an actress A to a villa in a region in Gyeonggi-do. A, who has already completed a police investigation, is known to be receiving psychiatric treatment.

At the time, it is known that Bae Jin-woong made a sexual joke to A while taking off his pants at the villa or hugged her from behind. When B, an acquaintance of A, who visited the crime scene, asked, “What are you doing right now,” additional reports that Bae Jin-woong replied that he is raping  A shocked me.

On the other hand, Bae Jin-woong, born in 1982, appeared in the movies ‘The Outlaws’, ‘Man of Will’, and ‘Unstoppable’. Recently, he appeared in Jo and Dan roles in ‘Beasts that Cling to the Straw’ and ‘Lucky Monster’, and  dramas ‘Prison Playbook’ and ‘Good Casting’.


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