‘Cheat on Me, If you Can’ Why did Jo Yeo-jung have a new business card

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Cheat on, Me If you Can’, Jo Yeo-jung was caught holding a business card for an unidentified spouse. While the image of Go Jun, who looks like he is anxious and notices a danger signal next to his wife Jo Yeo-jeong, raises the curiosity about what kind of ‘dangerous (?) plan’ is unfolding in her head with a business card.

KBS2’s Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Cheat on, Me If you Can’ (screenplay Lee Sung-min, director Kim Hyung-seok, Kim Min-tae, production A story) side on the 13th, Kang Yeo-ju (played by Jo Yeo-jeong) and her husband Han Woo-sung (by Go Jun), holding a business card for an unidentified new agency The steel containing this was revealed.

In the published photo, there is a figure of Yeo-ju, who is deeply contemplated while holding a business card of an unidentified agency in the study, and raises the tension. ‘Sherlock Yeo-ju’, who has demonstrated more detailed reasoning power than a veteran detective, presents an unidentified Heung-New office business card It raises the curiosity about the reason.

Following this, Woo-sung’s appearance, who senses the cold atmosphere of his wife Yeo-ju and notices, also attracts attention. In the last 10 episodes, there was a dizzying situation in which Yeo-ju faced Go Mi-rae (played by Yeonwoo) who visited Woosung’s office. did. However, it seems that Yeo-ju’s ‘wind sensor’ has not been turned off yet.

On the other hand, Cha Soo-ho (played by Kim Young-dae), who was keen on the surveillance of Yeo-ju, was also revealed. He is also engaged in a back-investigation, surveillance, and assist activity of Yeo-ju wrapped in secret, and it is paying attention to what kind of secret he will reveal this time.

‘Cheat on, Me If you Can’ official said, “An event will occur that will cause an intense change of mind enough to reach out to a mysterious agency,” and “Please check the reason for this through broadcasting today (13th).”

It is a comical mystery thriller of a crime novelist wife who only thinks about how to kill a person, ‘Cheat on, Me If you Can’ and a husband who specializes in divorce, who wrote a memorandum of ‘Cheat on, Me If you Can’. Online broadcast film platform wavve participated in the investment, and at the same time as the main broadcast, VOD will be provided exclusively online. It is broadcast every Wednesday at 9:30 pm.


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