Choi Go-gi and Yoo Catnip, the cool joint broadcast of divorced couple “If the daughter Sol-yip has a mother next to her…”

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Divorced YouTuber Choi Go-gi and Yoo Catnip made a joint broadcast.

On the 12th, on the YouTube channel of Choi Go-gi, a video titled ‘The Return of Shinjeon Tteokbokki Meokbang (with. Yoo Catnip)’ was posted. In the video, Choi Choi and Yoo Catnip answered questions from viewers while eating Tteokbokki together.

On this day, “I feel like I’ve been home in a long time,” said Choi Go-gi, “Is it like I’m a complicated mind?”

Yoo Catnip replied, “It’s not at all. You’re drying up with Choi Go-gi,” but Choi Go-gi replied, “In fact, I have a lot of thoughts. My daughter, Sol-yip, is young, so ‘What if pine needles have a mother next to him? It’s an idea. But, from the point of view of Yoo Catnip, it’s because it was bad because of each other’s feelings.”

Yoo Catnip added, “The reason why I think him as a close older brother is that he often sexually jokes for fun. It’s fun, but it’s annoying. I think it’s an emotion that comes from close friends.”

One viewer asked Yoo Catnip, “If you want a new man to cut off contact with your ex-husband, will you not contact me?”

Choi Go-gi also confessed, “The pine needles originally have a mother. The mother is a precious being even though he is far away. I don’t want to make pine needles forget it.”

Meanwhile, Choi Go-gi and Yoo Catnip married in 2016, but divorced in April of last year. The two divorced due to family problems, such as a coma problem and a conflict with their father-in-law, are appearing in the TV Chosun entertainment program ‘We Got Divorced’.

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