Ha Tae-kyung “A male idol sexual objectification ‘RPS’ is the second Nth room incident”

A national petition calling for punishment for users of RPS. Photo l Blue House National Petition Board Capture

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Rep. Ha Tae-kyung, a member of the People’s Strength, urged that people who spread pornography illegally disseminate ‘Real Person Slash (RPS)’, which refers to novels that sexualize idol members, should be severely punished.

Lawmaker Ha said on his Facebook page on the 12th, “There is no gender division in sex crimes. RPS stands for Real Person Slash, which means homosexual novels or cartoons based on male idols. The problem is that there is even a market for buying and selling this pornography. There is even a service that creates sexual exploitation in the face of the person who wants it when the requestor gives it money. It is deserving of the second Nth room incident, a series of sex crimes on Telegram chatting rooms.”

“People who consume it protested that it was just a culture of fans that existed since the beginning of the rise of boy bands and girl bans in the 1990s. Although it is based on an actual singers, it is only a fan’s delusion, so it is not illegal. However, the court’s judgment was different. A man who recently distributed pornographic cartoons featuring children and adolescents was sentenced to a fine, and the platform company that helped distribute them was also being held accountable.”

Congressman Ha said, “How serious it is, I checked through the direct sales site. It was shocking. The scenes of explicit sexual activity between male idols were exposed as they were, and buyers praised them as ‘craftsmanship’, ‘It makes fans happy’, and ‘it’s great.’ There was even a novel in which a male idol set as a high school student was raped.”

He said, “After the incident of the Nth room, the perception of sexual crimes in South Korean society has changed significantly. The stereotype that the perpetrators of sex crimes are always men and the victims are women is gradually fading. Related organizations should actively step forward and awaken the fact that excessive love and care for idol singers can become a crime. Still, if male idol sexual exploitation is regarded as a play culture, fair law enforcement should alert everyone.”

Representative Ha Tae-kyung. Photo l SNS capture of Representative Ha Tae-kyung

The RPS issue was recently brought to the public by raising the issue of rapper Son Simba. Son Simba, who made his face known through season 6 of Mnet’s music program ‘Show Me the Money’, posted on his Instagram on the 10th, “Mass production of high-ranking novels and drawings targeting real entertainers and musicians on various SNS and applications. It is distributed and even sold.” He pointed out that “people who rationalize and defend RPS, Hippes, and Deepfakes and consume steadfastly enjoy ‘sex crime’, not ‘dark culture’.”

After that, a petition titled ‘Please strongly punish users of ‘RPS’ who use underage male idols as sexual soothers was posted on the Blue House National Petition bulletin board. The petitioner said, “I ask you to investigate and punish users of ‘RPS’ as soon as possible with active administrative measures. Also, please come up with a regulatory plan for SNS so that naked sex crime novels are not distributed to real people.” As of 9:25 am on the 13th, the petition has obtained the consent of 163,000 people.


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