Lee Gyu-han, the first solo MC in 24 years with ‘Catch On Show’ [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Lee Gyu-han was selected as the new MC of Catch On’s signature movie program ‘Catch On Show’.

‘Catch On Show’ is a movie program released every other Thursday at Catch On. It is a movie inside variety show that introduces and rediscovers movies from various perspectives, from the latest movies to hidden movies.

Following MC Jung Sang-hoon, who led the catch-on show with a witty talk, Lee Gyu-han became the first exclusive MC for a movie program after his debut.

He showed the aspect of ‘movie mania’ by revealing, “I carefully watch one movie a day,” through the trailer released earlier, and showed a figure suitable for the ‘Catch On Show’ MC. He appeals to viewers with his brilliant appearance, innate quickness, and witty sense of humor, and he feels like he was born as an MC of ‘Catch On Show’. We are curious about the synergy between Lee Gyu-han who loves movies and ‘Catch on Show’.

In the ‘Fantastic Special Movie’ section of the special feature of actors Yoo Ah-in and Yoo Jae-myung, he explores the behind-the-scenes story of the movie and the charms of the actors, focusing on ‘Voice of Silence’ with Eun-ha Paik of the Actor Research Institute. Of course, it reviews ‘#Alive’ and ‘Bring Me Home’.

The newly-established corner, ‘Cascine Contents Research Center’, deals with the warm healing medical drama ‘Good Doctor Series’, which is enjoying explosive popularity. Broadcast on the 14th.


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