Lee Yoo-bi reveals a posted her photos for appearing in ‘Love You 3’ Superior beauty

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Lee Yoo-bi has released a certification shot for appearing in ‘Love You 3’.

On the 12th, she posted several photos on her personal Instagram along with the article “Love You Tonight.”

In the published photo, Lee Yoo-bi is wearing a light blue sweater and a check skirt and posing in various poses. Red lip contrasting with pure white skin attracts attention with its superior beauty.

Lee Yoo-bi played an active part as a special MC of KBS JOY’s ‘Love You 3’ broadcast on the 12th.

Meanwhile, actress Lee Yoo-bi is famous as the daughter of actor Gyun Mi-ri. Lee Yoo-bi’s younger sister Lee Da-in is also an actress.


Photosㅣ이유비 Instagram

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