‘Luca: The Beginning’ Kim Rae-won, Lee Da-hee, ‘Curious to be beautiful’ character teaser video

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‘Luca: The Beginning’ Kim Rae-won and  Lee Da-hee collided hotly.

‘Luca: The Beginning’ (screenplay Cheon Sung-il, director Kim Hong-seon), opening the door to tvN’s Monday and Tuesday drama in 2021, released a teaser video of Kim Rae-won and Lee Da-hee full of urgency on the 12th. The overwhelming synergy of the two actors that exploded their action instincts sparked a thrill, predicting a new world of action.

‘Luca: The Beginning’ is a spectacle chase action play in which Geo (played by Kim Rae-won), who was chased by his special ability, faces a huge conspiracy with the only homicide detective Goo-reum(played by Lee Da-hee) who remembers him. , Kim Seong-oh, Kim Sang-ho, Park Hyuk-kwon, Ji-sang, Jin Kyung, and other actors joined forces, rising as the most anticipated work in the first half.

Above all, the expectation that the ‘masters of the genre’ pour into the pursuit action in harmony is hot. Director Kim Hong-seon, who has unfolded the world of unrivaled directing such as ‘Voice 1’ and ‘Hand the guest’, and Chun Seong-il, who has been loved through dramas and movies such as ‘The Slave Hunters’, ‘Pirates’ and ‘7th Grade Civil Servant’. It makes me flutter. It opens a new horizon of genre by completing a new worldview with the subject of ‘human evolution’. It is also interesting to note that it is the first drama chosen by cinematographer Choi Young-hwan, who is said to be in the Korean film industry, such as ‘Veteran’, ‘Berlin’, and ‘The Thieves’. In addition, he added martial arts director Jang Jae-wook of the movie ‘The Great Battle’ to expect the birth of a pursuit action with a different scale.

Meanwhile, the teaser videos of Kim Rae-won and Lee Da-hee, which were released, boost expectations. First, Kim Rae-won’s intense and mysterious aura, who plays as ‘Geo’, a man who is chased while hiding his ability to change the world, robs the gaze. With the narration “I don’t remember why I’m here or how I got here,” Geo’s desperate struggle to be chased by something triggers a breathtaking tension. Because of his special ‘abilities’ and ‘secrets’ that aren’t in the world, Geo constantly engages in a terrible chase with those who pursue him. His empty and weary glances add curiosity to Geo’s desperate urgency, lost memories and thrown into the world. Here, “I’m not just a person. Geo’s eagerness to say “I want to be a person” to Goo-reum that says “it’s a disaster, not an ability” amplifies his curiosity about his secret.

The breathtaking action confrontation with ‘Lee Son’ (played by Kim Seong-oh) who pursues himself with the beast-like instincts in the video that follows also gives an extreme thrill. “wait. Geo’s anger, saying, “Because I will correct everything,” and even his deep, mysterious eyes with blue light. Geo’s special narrative, constantly agonizing over his existence in deep solitude, makes ‘Luca: The Beginning’ even more awaited.

The only woman living in Geo’s memory, Lee Da-hee, who plays the role of  ‘cloud in the sky’, overwhelms the gaze with intense action and an inaccessible aura. With the narration “I remember who you are,” Goo-reum persistently searching for Geo, confronts unknown people and explodes the action instincts without limits. A blue boy who was caught after a struggle with Geo. Geo’s question, “What did you do to me,” and the voice of Goo-reum, “I wanted to know that, and found you all my life” raises curiosity in the narratives of those who are terribly desperate.

Meanwhile, tvN’s new Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Luca: The Beginning’ will be aired for the first time on Monday, February 1 at 9 pm.



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