Park Hwi-soon is forced to lose weight “For every 1kg weight loss, 50,000 won is deposited to my wife’s bank account”

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Park Hwi-soon declared a diet.

On the 13th, Park Hwi-soon posted a photo on her Instagram with the phrase ‘a full postpaid diet’.

The released photo contains the contents of the diet pledge made by Park Hwi-soon with his wife Cheon Ye-ji. The pledge says, “I, Park Hwi-soon, reflects on weights gained sharply since marriage and pledges to lose weights from today. I will make a happy and healthy marriage with the diet and exercise (including movement) recommended by my wife.”

Then, in the special agreement section, ‘For every 1kg weight loss, I promise to do it now on my wife’s account with gratitude to my wife by 50,000 won’, attracting attention.

Park Hwi-soon revealed his pledge and the appearance of going on a diet. He laughed as he looked at the diet drink that seemed to be made by his wife with a confused expression.

Netizens responded, “Is it right for Park Hwi-soon”, “Wouldn’t it be possible to lose 1kg today and gain 1kg tomorrow”, and “You cannot fail”.

Meanwhile, Park Hwi-soon married Chun Ye-ji in November last year after overcoming the age difference at the age of 17.

Photo|Park Hwisoon SNS

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