‘Produce 48’ Miyu Takeuchi, ‘South Korean Foreigners’ sortie… First entertainment challenge

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Miyu Takeuchi, from the popular Japanese girl group AKB48, appears in ‘South Korean Foreigners’.

Miyu Takeuchi appears in the special feature of ‘Kim Gane People’ of MBC Every1’s entertainment program ‘South Korean Foreigners’, which airs at 8:30 pm on the 13th, and will have a quiz match in the Korean foreign team more like Koreans than Koreans.

Miyu Takeuchi is planning to show off a fresh and youthful side by singing ‘My Type’ of the October issue of ‘Monthly Yoon Jong Shin’ released in 2019 as well as various episodes in Korea.

Miyu Takeuchi, who has been active as a member of the Japanese girl group AKB48 since 2009, has been loved by appearing in ‘Produce 48’ broadcast in 2019 and advancing to the finals.

After that, she signed a contract with Mystic Story, and in the same year, she took on the song of ‘My Type’ in the October issue of Yoon Jong-shin’s monthly music project, and fully digested the retro sensibility.

Miyu Takeuchi, who has talents from singing as well as writing lyrics and composing, communicates with fans by showing various contents such as cover songs through her personal YouTube channel.


Photo courtesy| MBC Every One
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