‘Secret royal inspector’ Lee Tae-hwan, Kim Myung-soo and fate unfold

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Lee Tae-hwan came back as an intense character and imprinted his presence in the home theater.

KBS2’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Secret royal inspector: Chosun Secret Division’ (hereinafter ‘Secret royal inspector’, director Kim Jung-min, playbook Park Sung-hoon Kang Min-seon, production iWill Media) 8th episode 2nd episode 9.7% (provided by Nielsen Korea, nationwide Standard) and successively renewed its own highest ratings. In particular, in the scene where Seong Yi-gyeom (played by Kim Myung-soo) reveals that he is a resignation to a leader who does not properly investigate the murder case, it soared to 11.3% (provided by Nielsen Korea, national standard), proving the hot love of the home theater.

‘Secret royal inspector’ depicts the adventures of young people to unravel past stories one by one while correcting a dizzying country. Among them, Seong Yi-beom (Lee Tae-hwan), a half-brother of Seong Yi-gyeom, who stood tall at the center of the conflict, appeared in earnest. It caught the attention of these viewers. Lee Tae-hwan completely digested the role of Seong Yi-beom, who has a different relationship from his brother, and provoked a hot reaction with a unique presence.

In the 3rd episode of ‘Secret royal inspector’, Lee Tae-hwan first appeared as Seong Yi-gyeom’s half-brother, Seong Yi-beom, boasting not only his excellent martial arts skills, but also his gleaming eyes, leaving a strong impression even in a short moment. In the scene of running away with his brother’s fiancé Kang Soon-ae (played by Jo Soo-min), he showed an unshakable gaze even in an urgent situation, making him wonder what kind of conflict arose between these brothers.

In the end, when he became the head of the hwajeok group and confronted his brother in earnest, Seong Yi-beom’s bold determination and determination were revealed. In episode 7, which aired on Monday (11th), a new conflict was predicted by drawing a line saying “No need” toward the older brother who forgets the past and reaches out. Lee Tae-Hwan is steadily increasing his immersion by drawing the solid inner side of the character Seong Yi-beom who is going his way.

In addition, Lee Tae-hwan showed a strong attitude that was not afraid of confrontation with his brother for the sake of Seong Yi-beom’s upright innocence and love toward only one woman, and also shot a woman’s heart. In the future, attention is paid to how the complex affection relationship will unfold and how Lee Tae-hwan will portray Seong Yi-beom’s inner changes.

‘Secret royal inspector’ has established itself as a unique ‘youth historical drama’ this winter, boasting the hot performances of young actors, a pleasant and exciting story, and the chemistry of characters that are getting more and more watery.

‘Secret royal inspector’ is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30pm.


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