2PM will return with 6 members

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group 2PM is expected to satisfy the wishes of fans who have been eager to complete their activities this year.

2PM (JUN. K, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, Chansung) entered the period of activity from 2017 to fulfill their duty of defense. After Junho, the last runner in March, following the vote of the campaign this month, the six members will finally form a complete body and return to the fans.

They debuted in September 2008 with their first single ‘Hottest Time Of The Day’ and the title song ’10 out of 10′, boasting an irreplaceable presence throughout their activities from their appearance, and a new page on K-pop.

In the second year of their debut, with a ferocity that was not commonly seen on the stage, the modifier was born, and the unrivaled charm with a sharp stature, a solid body, and an unconventional concept was greatly loved by the public. In particular, in the performance of the first album title song ‘Heartbeat’ in 2009, a choreography for building a human tower based on acrobatics, ending poses expressing the heartbeat by tearing clothes, etc.

Last year, the title song ‘My House’, the title song of the 5th regular album released in 2015, was re-lighted, and it is still enjoying the popularity of reverse driving. The group’s sexiness is that the music video and the direct cam video with the atmosphere shined, and the contents based on this song are reproduced and are leading the box office. ‘My home’ is written and composed by JUN.K, which adds even more meaning in that it has been recognized for the musicality of 2PM.

Many junior groups such as Stray Kids, Monsta X, and Pentagon joined in the online market-shaking ‘My home’ craze, and introduced various covers using 2PM’s stage manners as textbooks. K-pop fans are still showing their affection by saying that they are unique and unique toward the stage of ‘My Home’, where the concept of radiating healthy energy and maturity stand out. This is the reason that countless expectations are poured into the comeback of 2PM, a unique entity that has established itself as a category and genre.

In response to the passionate support of fans who do not know how to cool like this, 2PM responds through self-produced content, “We’ll see you with good content with all the members. Please look forward to the year 2021 filled with 2PM.”


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