Berry Good unveils Gowoon X Sehyung concept photo…’Gorgeous visual’

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Berry Good has released a concept photo for a new mini album.

Berry Good (Johyun, Seoyul, Sehyeong, Gowoon) will return with their fourth mini album ‘UNDYING LOVE’ on the 19th. On the 13th, Berry Good released the concept photo of Gowoon and Sehyung through the official SNS channel, raising expectations for a comeback.

In the released concept photo, Gowoon caught the eye with an intense pink color dress. Especially, Gowoon, who showed off her gorgeous styling with a perfect party look, stimulated her fans by showing off her cool features. In addition, Sehyung, who styled a velvet top with a beret, showed off her chic and lovely charm.

Berry Good plans to raise interest in the comeback by sequentially releasing track list, cover image, and music video teaser contents until the 18th. Earlier on the 12th, Berry Good released a concept photo of Johyun and Seoyul.

Berry Good’s new album ‘UNDYING LOVE’ is a comeback in about two months after the digital single ‘Let’s Go Together’ released in November of last year, and is a new album released in one year and seven months after the third mini-album ‘Fantastic’. Berry Good, which has delivered the news of their comeback from the beginning of the year, is expected to continue to release albums, appearing on TV shows.

After the release of Berry Good’s first full album ‘FREE TRAVEL’ in August 2018, Berry Good is actively engaged in activities such as holding their first solo concert in Japan. In addition, Berry Good has been continuing its activities until recently, including not only the release and broadcasting of sound sources, but also participating in a number of drama OSTs.

On the other hand, Berry Good will release their 4th mini album ‘UNDYING LOVE’ on the 19th.

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