‘Burning Sun’ Kim Sang-gyo asks Girls’ Generation’s Hyo-yeon to testify “Tell who was the drug drunk actress”

Hyoyeon’s DJing photo of Burning Sun Club posted by Kim Sang-gyo. PhotosㅣKim Sang-kyo SNS

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

The first reporter of the Gangnam Club ‘Burning Sun’ incident, Kim Sang-gyo, 31, mentions Girls’ Generation’s Hyo-yeon’s real name, and is expected to be excommunicated by posting a post that seems to urge testimony.

On the 13th, Kim Sang-gyo said, “Let’s ask one question. I posted a photo of Hyo-yeon, who was DJing at the club with a post saying, “Who was the actress drunk and drooling on drugs that day, so did the two policemen of Yeoksam District even get inside the club?”

Mr. Kim said, “Are you sure you’ve seen the VVIP of the day? Hyo-yeon?” “Do you know whether the actress who was drunk on drugs that day was H or G? Now, it’s not too long left,” he said, referring to certain actresses.

“Will it be revealed someday that there are dozens of celebrities related to Burning Sun? Or is it right? It’s your choice. Even now, you’ll be hiding in a house and shooting X and X shots and video. The chance is very short,” he said. “Seungri, we are only waiting for your campaign day. I have all of your lists on my notepad. “From now on, you choose whether to apologize and be forgiven one by one if you know if you will suffer from me for a lifetime.”

Kim Sang-gyo, the first reporter of the Gangnam Club ‘Burning Sun’ Photo ㅣCBS Radio

As the first informant of the Gangnam Club ‘Burning Sun Incident’, Kim is the first person to raise the suspicion of the coalition between Burning Sun and the police in November 2018.

At that time, he reported to the police that he had been mass assaulted by the club after being dragged out after a dispute with another guest while visiting Burning Sun Club. Kim Sang-gyo, however, raised suspicion of a coalition between the business and the police, claiming that the police who were dispatched arrested him as a perpetrator and beat him in the process.

In December of last year, after a year of investigation, the prosecution was charged with no charges for lack of evidence for all police accused of assault.

Meanwhile, former member Seungri (real name Seung-Hyun Lee, 31) of the group Big Bang, the center of the ‘Burning Sun’ case, was held on the morning of the 14th at the General Military Court of the Ground Operations Command in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do. I attended the 7th hearing. Yoo In-seok, former CEO of Yuri Holdings, who was tried on charges related to ‘Burning Sun’ along with Seungri, appealed after being sentenced to three years probation in August of one year in prison at the first trial sentence held last month.


PhotosㅣCBS radio broadcast screen
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