‘Cheat on me, If you can’ Go Jun and Yeon-woo in a ramen restaurant… Dangerous encounter?

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Cheat on me, If you can’ The meeting site of Gojun and Yeonwoo at a ramen restaurant was captured. The appearance of Gojun serving side dishes to Yeonwoo with anxious eyes and the appearance of Yeonwoo smiling shyly at the same time make the relationship change between the two expected.

In addition, Jo Yeo-jeong, who is in the same ramen restaurant with the two, is also captured, amplifying the curiosity of what happened to them.

KBS2’s Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Cheat on me, If you can’ (screenplay Sungmin Lee, director Kim Hyungseok, Kim Mintae, production A story) released a still on the 14th, showing Han Woo-sung(played by Go Jun) and Go Mi-rae (played by Yeon-woo) at a ramen restaurant.

In the 11th episode, Mi-rae sent Woo-sung a message of the completed mural painting. However, it was not Woo-sung, but Kang Yeo-ju (played by Jo Yeo-jeong) who confirmed the message. Mi-rae is hesitating There was a picture of Dominant in the mural painting that I accidentally sent, and Sherlock Yeo-ju of ‘Notice 100’ noticed that the man in the picture was dominant.

Yeo-ju, feeling unpleasant, threw Woo-sung’s field jacket in the trash can. And I was in trouble with the business card of the detective office. “I’m from the police… Can you really kill a person?” The words of Yeo-ju created a horror. There were a lot of strange deaths around her, and she caused more fear because she brutally murdered the men who were cheating in the novel.

The published photo captures Woo-sung’s image of eating ramen with Mi-rae at a ramen restaurant, attracting attention. Woo-sung is caring for Mi-rae by offering side dishes with anxious eyes, and Mi-rae is facing each other with a shy smile in the warmth of such dominance. Since Woo-sung asked not to contact Mi-rae, interest is focused on whether this kind of encounter with Mi-rae is a coincidence or a dangerous (?) meeting.

Mi-rae is not the style you have shown so far, but wearing a large sportswear that does not fit your body. In particular, the police mark is also attached to her clothes, which makes her wonder what the story is.

Another picture also captures the look of Yeo-ju who is investigating (?) noodles at a ramen restaurant with dominance and Mi-rae. Yeo-ju, wearing large glasses, stimulates curiosity as to whether she noticed Mi-rae encounter with Doom.

‘Cheat on me, If you can’ crew said, “Han Woo-sung, who refused to contact Mi-rae, will reunite with Mi-rae through an unexpected event. Please look forward to the next move by Kang Yeo-ju, who has confirmed Mi-rae text to Woo-sung.”

It is a comical mystery thriller between the wife of a crime novelist who only thinks about how to kill a person, saying ‘Cheat on me, If you can’, and a husband who specializes in divorce, who wrote a memorandum of ‘Cheat on me, If you can’. We broadcast at 9:30 pm on purchase Wednesday.


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