‘Cheat on me, If you can’ Jo Yeo-jung, leather jacket and gloves ‘severe look’

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While viewers’ attention was focused on Cho Yeo-jung’s past story in ‘Cheat on me, If you can, her past reporter days were captured. Wearing leather gloves and a flashlight, her gaze, as if performing a secret operation, radiates a force like a ‘Sherlock Yeo-ju’.

On the 14th, KBS2’s Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Cheat on me, If you can’ (screenplay Lee Sung-min, director Kim Hyung-seok, Kim Min-tae, production Astory) released a still containing the appearance of Kang Yeo-ju (played by Jo Yeo-jeong) on the 14th.

In the 11th episode, the past relationship between Yeo-ju and the NIS chief Ma Dong-gyun (Oh Min-seok, hereafter Ma Dong-gyun) was revealed and shocked. But what wasn’t surprising was Dong-gyun, who was also trying to kill Yeo-ju. Dong-gyun moved under someone’s instruction, but in the end, even his beloved lover left while saving Yeo-ju.

It was revealed that the person who sent the wedding invitation to Yeoju was Yang Jin-seon (played by Kim Soo-jin, hereinafter referred to as Yang), the representative of Dioville Publishing. Reminding her of her terrible past, Yang tried to prevent the writing of Yeo-ju’s new novel ‘Cheat on me, If you can’. However, Yeo-ju, who is firmly willing to write, contacted Dong-gyun, who was disguised as editor-in-chief of the publishing company, and eventually signed a publishing contract with Dong-gyun. Curiosity arose in Yeo-ju’s past, which was related to the novel ‘Secret Prayer Room’ and Yeo-ju’s new novel ‘Cheat on me, If you can’.

The released photo captures the appearance of Yeo-ju as a reporter in the past, drawing attention. Yeo-ju is wearing a leather jacket, gloves, and a flashlight, and is in the atmosphere of conducting a secret operation. The rich bangs and clothing style are completely different from now, but the pale skin and sensitive facial expressions remain the same as they used to be.

On the other hand, in another picture, you can see Yeo-ju whispering to Kim Deok-gi (played by Yoo Jun-hong), manager of Baek Soo-jeong (played by Hong Soo-hyun). The manager who mentioned Yeoju’s name in the last 10th episode confronted Yeo-ju and overturned her testimony in her whisper, and the investigation returned to the origin.

While raising curiosity about what Yeo-ju whispered, detectives Jang Seung-cheol (played by Si-eon Lee) and Ahn Se-jin (played by Kim Ye-won) persuade the manager were also captured, amplifying curiosity in the future storytelling.

‘Cheat on me, If you can’, the production crew said, “In Episode 12, shocking stories such as the identity of Kang Yeo-ju and the wedding invitation, who were active as reporters in the past, will be swung up,” and said, “Please keep an eye on Kang Yeo-ju’s secret past.

It is a comical mystery thriller of a crime novelist wife who only thinks about how to kill a person, ‘Cheat on me, If you can’, and a husband who specializes in divorce, who wrote a memorandum of ‘Cheat on me, If you can’. It is broadcast every Wednesday at 9:30 pm.


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