[Exclusive ②] Seo Dong-gyun, 8 years later his marriage “I’ve been operating a restaurant for 3 years, entertainer is a profession”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Seo Dong-gyun, a 50-year-old comedian who is famous for ‘the son of the late Seo Young-chun’, shared the news of the marriage and the good news after 8 years.

In May, Seo Dong-gyun marries a beautiful business woman who is 10 years or younger.

Seo Dong-gyun said in a telephone interview with Maeil Business Daily Star Today on the 13th, “I originally tried to have a wedding last year, but it was delayed a little due to the coronavirus, so I decided to do it in May.”

Seo Dong-gyun disappeared on TV after appearing in the 2013 SBS drama ‘Incarnation of Money”. Why did he suddenly disappear, who was active in the musical stage and drama?

Seo Dong-gyun was having a busy day by transforming into a restaurant business. Seo Dong-gyun said, “It has been about 3 years and 6 months since I operated a restaurant specializing in seaweed in Yeongtong-gu, Suwon City.”

This place, too, cannot escape the corona strike. Seo Dong-gyun said, “My restaurant was also hit by COVID-19. At first, the number of employees was close to 10, but now I employ just 3 workers. However, the word of mouth in this area works as it is.”

What motivated him to quit entertainment and suddenly run a restaurant business? Seo Dong-gyun said, “It wasn’t easy to appear in the work after leaving the company. As it was a waiting job, I couldn’t just take a break, so I opened a restaurant as a side job.”

“At first, I was thinking of opening a coffee shop, but I opened a restaurant specializing in seaweed, which I had a relationship with as a public relations director six years ago,” he said. “Now I have established myself to some extent. It is not a common restaurant, so there are many regulars who constantly visit.”

Seo Dong-gyun is the son of Seo Young-chun, a master of Korean comedy, and started out as a comedian and expanded his career as an actor. Appearing in the 2013 SBS drama ‘Incarnation of Money’. PhotoㅣSBS

As it is known, Seo Dong-gyun is the youngest son of a celebrity family. My sister Seo Hyeon-seon is a comedian who has been recruited by KBS 13th and has been loved by her brother Seo Dong-gyun as a ‘comedy siblings’. His father is Seo Young-chun, the famous ‘comedy master.’

Inheriting his father’s talent, sense of humor, and mother’s appearance, he started as a comedian and expanded into various entertainment programs and dramas. He is an all-around entertainer who went to the musical and theatrical stage after working as an entertainment information program reporter, and appeared in the drama ‘Hit’ and ‘Incarnation of Money’.

In particular, in the case of the musical stage, she debuted in 2004 with ‘Girls and Guys’ and appeared in eight films to establish her position. In addition to acting, he wrote screenplays and worked as a children’s musical producer. His work, ‘Cookie Box of King Kangchi Great’, which once lived in Dokdo, attracted attention with the appearance of ‘Sea Lion’, a type of sea lion known to have disappeared now.

Seo Dong-gyun, who burned her versatile passion like this, still has a thirst for acting and entertainment. There is also a desire to meet viewers this year.

“If there is a place to call, I am always ready to go back. Sometimes I go back to the ossuary where my father is, complaining alone, but I can’t dare go beyond my father, but I want to burn my passion for any stage regardless of genre. It’s a job for me. haha.”

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