‘Latte Parent’ Lee Seong-gon and reporter Choi Ye-jin on a blind date

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Samsung Lions baseball player Lee Seong-gon had a blind date with reporter Choi Ye-jin.

In the E-channel entertainment program ‘Latte Parents’, which aired on the 13th, Lee Seong-gon had an exciting meeting with Choi Ye-jin, a former Hanwha Eagles reporter.

Announcer Kim Se-yeon, Lee Sung-gon’s best friend for 10 years, arranged a blind date for Lee Seong-gon on this day. Choi Ye-jin met Lee Seong-gon at the restaurant and praised him, saying, “Let’s look cooler,” and Lee Seong-gon also replied, “I saw it for the first time and it’s really pretty,” adding a sweet atmosphere.

After the two had finished eating, they moved to the VR game hall and continued their date. While playing a VR game, Choi Ye-jin also touched Lee Seong-gon’s arm.

After the sweet first meeting, Lee Seong-gon gave Choi Ye-jin a baseball ball with his signature. He wrote his cell phone number on the baseball, saying, “It’s the classic way,” and he even applied for after-sales, saying, “I want to go on a date while eating again.”


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