Rhymer “I tried to be a sweet guy for Ahn Hyun-mo”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Same Bed Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny’ Ahn Hyun-mo ♥ Rhymer couple appeared in ‘Homecoming Special’ and attracted attention.

The recently aired SBS entertainment program ‘Same Bed Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny’ was decorated as a ‘New Year’s Homecoming Special’, and Ahn Hyun-mo and Rhymer couple appeared after a long time.

Rhymer, who was blunt at Ahn Hyun-mo’s aegyo in the past, surprised the MCs by showing aegyo toward his wife on this day. Regarding the reason, Rhymer said, “One day my wife said, ‘Why are you trying to be serious at home?’ It’s right, because I’m rather hated by my wife. I wanted to be able to always feel my happiness, joy, and love as much as possible.”

Reimer was still in the face of an unstoppable ‘human bulldozer’. Reimer, who was watching the fishing channel in the middle of the night, suggested, “How about the Jumbo Jjambbong,” and Ahn Hyun-mo said she would not eat because of the next day’s filming. Rhymer, however, started preparing food regardless of his wife’s answer. However, Reimer showed a sweet charm by preparing not only champon but also poke salad that Ahn Hyun-mo likes. Ahn Hyun-mo, who learned this later, ate deliciously, smiling brightly as if impressed by the dishes Reamer made carefully.

In a later interview, Rhymer said, “I already liked this person so much that I was happy to be with them. So I did what I did when I lived alone.” He continued, “But now, I thought I should make a pattern of being together. I thought I might not be able to live with my wife, so I wanted to change it. I am sorry to ask you to be with me when I am not even this much.”

However, Ahn Hyun-mo said, “It’s different from the facts,” and “I can’t understand even if I talked about number 100, but since I talked about 101, I understood it.”


Photo lSBS ‘Same Bed Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny 2’ capture

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