Rookie Park Hye-eun, exclusive contract for H& Entertainment

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘The School Nurse Files’ Park Hye-eun signed an exclusive contract with H& Entertainment.

Park Hye-eun, who debuted as Netflix’s original ‘The School Nurse Files’ in 2020, met with the public as a reliable assistant to Ahn Eun-young (played by Jung Yoo-mi), a queen car at Magnolia High School in the play. Park Hye-eun focused on the attention of viewers by performing as a new stealer with an unbelievable stable acting and fresh mask that it was her first work.

H& Entertainment CEO Hong Min-ki said, “Park Hye-eun is a super rookie who suddenly appeared with a unique presence from her debut work. She has a great strength as an actor with a mystical and unique charm and a lovely image, so her future career is expected even more. We will actively communicate and support Park Hye-eun, who has infinite potential, helping her to be the next generation star.”

Park Hye-eun is not only a beauty brand model, but also in fashion pictorials with her cool and innocent charm, as well as her attractive eyes. In addition, in November last year, she appeared as the protagonist of the music video for singer Karder Garden’s ‘That Day, Ours’, revealing the sorrow that gradually permeates in restrained emotions with delicate acting, completing a deeper story and emotion.

As such, Park Hye-eun is expected to play a promising role in 2021 as a promising new actor in the future. Park Hye-eun is an actor with H& Entertainment and is paying attention to her future move to grow as a next-generation star.

H& Entertainment that Park Hye-eun signed an exclusive contract with is Joo Ji-hoon, In Gyo-jin, Jeong Ryeo-won, Son Dam-bi, So Lee-hyun, Han Bo-reum, Jeong In-seon, Jung Su-jung, Kwak Dong-yeon, Kang Min-ah, and Yoon Jong-seok.


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