‘True Beauty’ Cha Eun-woo and Moon Ga-young spotted by Park Ho-san 1 second before the kiss

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‘True Beauty’ Moon Ga-young and Cha Eun-woo’s secret love began, coloring the home theater in pink. Along with this, the two people were caught by Park Ho-san one second before the kiss, and a dizzying ending was drawn, making the viewers’ hearts rattle.

The 9th episode of tvN’s Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘True Beauty’ (screenplay Lee Si-eun, directing Kim Sang-hyup) recorded an average of 4.9%, a maximum of 5.8%, an average of 4.3%, and a maximum of 4.9% for households in the metropolitan area. It has renewed its own highest ratings.

tvN target male and female 2049 viewership ratings accounted for an average of 3.6% in the metropolitan area, a maximum of 3.9%, a national average of 3.2%, and a maximum of 3.4%, and recorded first place in all channels including terrestrial broadcasters on a national basis, proving an explosive topic. Based on a paid platform that integrates IPTV and satellite / provided by Nielsen Korea)

In episode 9, Lim Joo-gyeong (played by Moon Ga-young) and Lee Su-ho (played by Cha Eun-woo), who just started dating, and Han Seo-jun(played by Hwang In-yeop), who cannot stop their heart toward Ju-gyeong even after knowing the relationship between the two are depicted.

Ju-kyung couldn’t believe in Su-ho’s confession of love. Su-ho filled Ju-kyung with a necklace and conveyed her heart once more, and only then Ju-kyung poured out her sincerity, saying, “I like you very much,” causing a smile. In particular, the appearance of the two people who couldn’t fall asleep easily conveyed the sweetness of the early days of the relationship, creating excitement.

Later, Ju-kyung and Su-ho started a secret relationship reminiscent of an espionage operation, but from the start it was not smooth. Although he visited a shopping mall an hour away to avoid being noticed by his friends, he met Ahn Hyun-gyu (Lee Sang-jin), and Su-ho had to hide under the table urgently. Moreover, rumors that Ju-kyung had a boyfriend due to Hyun-gyu spread throughout the school, and even those who made the mistake of sending a photo of a couple that Ju-kyung wanted to send to Su-ho to Hyun-gyu were frustrated.

Ju-kyung and Su-ho woke up the viewer’s love cells in the form of developing a mind for each other in secret. In particular, when Ju-kyung wasn’t confident in revealing her love affair, Su-ho said, “You are enough for me,” and grabbed his hand and made the heart pound. Furthermore, Su-ho’s words became a catalyst that restores Ju-kyung’s self-esteem beyond mere excitement, making them look forward to the maturity of the two through their relationship.

Above all, Su-ho opened his own space to Ju-kyung and made him feel the warm changes caused by Ju-kyung. He invited Ju-kyung to the Jiu-Jitsu Dojo to enjoy a date, and then led Ju-kyung, who was soaked in rain, to his house. At this time, Su-ho opened a musical instrument room that no one had shown, and said, “It was hard to see, so I didn’t come in well, but this room. But that’s okay. Is it because I’m with you?”

In addition to this, Su-ho contemplated whether Ju-kyung would reveal the facts of her love affair, and said, “I don’t care. You’re my girlfriend, because it doesn’t change.” The shy smile of Ju-kyung made even the viewers excited. Eventually, Su-ho doubled his sweetness by playing the piano he had composed for Ju-kyung.

However, an unexpected crisis struck Ju-kyung and Su-ho, who were enjoying a date at home. Ju-kyung’s father Jae-pil (Park Ho-san), who had been taking care of him for a day at Su-ho’s house, fell asleep and could not go home. As a result, Jae-pil, who was hiding under the living room table, was angry when she witnessed the date of Ju-kyung and Su-ho. However, without knowing that he was her father, Jae-pil, Ju-kyung struck him with a pot, and a dizzying ending was drawn with the embarrassing Ju-kyung, guardian and the distracted Jae-pil, raising questions about the future development.

Meanwhile, Seo-jun learned about the relationship between Ju-kyung and Su-ho, but couldn’t stop his growing heart toward Ju-kyung. In particular, when Seo-jun took a picture of Joo-kyung and the shopping mall, he approached him as if kissing and stopped his breath. In addition, Seo-jun introduced the part-time job to Joo-kyung, and when he heard that Ju-kyung was injured, he ran as soon as he was told that it hurt the viewers. Along with this, Kang Soo-jin (played by Park Yoo-na), who liked Su-ho, was also depicted in shock after learning about the relationship between the two. Interest is amplified in their mixed romance.

On the other hand, ‘True Beauty’ is a romantic comedy that is based on the popular webtoon of the same name, where Ju-kyung, who became a beautiful woman through ‘makeup’, and Su-ho, who had wounds, meets and shares their secrets and grows. do. Episode 10 will be broadcast on the 14th at 10:30 pm.


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