YouTuber Lee Min-young warns against online trolls “Self-sufficiency through plastic surgery? There are limits to enduring”

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

YouTuber Lee Min-young warned of malicious comments.

On the 13th, Lee Min-young wrote on her Instagram on the 13th, “Many are crossing lines. Stop it. You won’t believe whatever you say, but it’s so funny to judge by yourself and make a decision by yourself”

She added, “I want you to live faithfully in your own life. Everyone tells you to ignore it, but it’s not easy to ignore it. I don’t have a company and I can only show warnings like this.”

In the photos Lee Min-young released, there are malicious comments directed at her. Online trolls wrote bad comments such as “You are self-sufficient because of plastic surgery”, “You are disgustingly confident in my appearance”, and “There are no other foxes who are trying to cheat rich men.”

The fans said, “It is good to sue” and “You have to deal with it firmly.”

Meanwhile, Lee Min-young operates a YouTube channel ‘Manggu’ with 110,000 subscribers. She is communicating with fans by posting makeup and Vlog videos on the YouTube channel.

<Lee Min-young’s Post>

Why are you really doing that? There is also a limit to enduring..

Stop it.

I don’t believe what I say, but I judge myself and make a decision on my own, so it’s so funny that I’m just busy splitting whatever the truth is.

I want you to live your life faithfully. I hated to say this, but I use it because it is very frustrating and painful.

Everyone tells me to ignore it, but it’s not easy to ignore it. Nowadays, nothing can be solved by ignoring it.

+ I don’t have a company and I’m a single person who runs media, so I can only show warnings to these people like this.

I’m very sorry to see you bad post from the beginning of the year.

Photo|Lee Min-young’s SNS

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