Announcer Kim Ji-won, left KBS “Challenge for Oriental Medicine, Until I Become” (Professional)

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Announcer Kim Ji-won resigned from KBS and announced the challenge of Oriental Medicine University.

Announcer Kim Ji-won wrote on Instagram on the 15th, “Now, I’m leaving the role of KBS announcer, and I’m going to take a new step in the challenge of Oriental Medicine University.”

She said, “I was stuck at the point of’What kind of specialty do you want to have?’ for a while, but I met oriental medicine that I really wanted to delve into.”

Announcer Kim Ji-won said, “I want to become a deeper person. Even if it ends in failure, I try to take the last challenge. But it will probably be. Because I will do it until I can do it.”

Announcer Kim Ji-won, who had a bachelor’s degree in the Department of Media and Communication at Yonsei University, joined KBS in 2012 as a public announcement announcer after working as a child actor. She said ‘KBS News Plaza’, ‘KBS News 9’,’Challenge! ‘Golden Bell’ and ‘Kim Ji-won’s Rooftop Room Radio’.

<Kim Ji-won’s social media Announcement>

Now, I’m going to give up my role as an announcer at KBS and take a new step in the challenge of Oriental Medicine University!

From a child to an announcer, living my entire life with the broadcast, I realized that I felt joy when I conveyed the insights I found by thinking about myself rather than simply speaking. In order to be a little bit more memorable and to materialize the shape I want, it is necessary to study again.

For a while, I was stopped at the point of ‘So what kind of specialty area do you want to have?’, but recently, while spending time as a patient because of Burnout, which was the biggest crisis in my life, I found that oriental medicine is my job.

It’s nice to be on TV shows, but I want to be a deeper person. Even if it ends in failure, we will try our final challenge to become a new concept gear that capitalism cannot replace. Because I still have a sense of severance pay and a role model I want to surpass!

But maybe it will. ‘Cause I’ll do it until I can. First, I will share my 15th challenger through real-time YouTube. Fighting from the March practice test right now!

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