[Exclusive] Kim Seong-ju, ‘Play Basketball together’ “Kim Yong-man and breathing.. Jeong Hyung-don is undecided”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Kim Seong-ju will be on ‘Play Basketball together’.

JTBC is launching the second season of ‘Play Basketball together’ on February 7, thanks to the success of ‘Play Football together’.

With the concept that sports legends of ‘Play Basketball together’ are confronting basketball masters across the country, revealing the real face of sports stars such as their hidden basketball skills and burning desire to compete, they depict the growth period.

While attracting attention by setting a large number of new sports legends to the remaining members of the season 1, attention was also drawn to who will be in charge of the casters and commentators, which can be called the flower of sports broadcasting.

An official from JTBC said on the 15th, “Kim Seong-ju is in charge of relaying season 2 following season 1,” and “We are partnering with Kim Yong-man, who took a breath, but we know that Jung Hyung-don’s appearance is still under discussion.”

Kim Seong-ju, who has a lot of experience in broadcasting large international competitions, has gained popularity through his excellent broadcasting skills through the sports entertainment ‘Play Basketball together’. The chewy broadcast with a sense of realism was chosen as the main point of spectating that increases the concentration and immersion of viewers in harmony with Kim Yong-man and Jung Hyeong-don’s delicious commentary.

Heo Jae will be the coach of ‘Play Basketball together’ with Hyun Joo-yeop. In addition, after retirement, Lee Dong-guk joins as his first fixed entertainment and plays an active part in basketball on the court.

In addition, Hong Seong-heun, the retired baseball legend, Judo legend Yoon Dong-sik, and volleyball legend Bang Shin-bong, will join in to challenge basketball.

Ahn Jung-hwan, who previously led the team as manager, as well as Kim Dong-hyun, Lee Hyeong-taek, and Kim Byeong-hyun, also unite once again with ‘Play Basketball together’.

‘Play Basketball together’ will be broadcast on February 7th at 7:40pm.

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