‘Law of the Jungle’ Kim Tae-gyun “The jungle is more painful than baseball training”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Former baseball player Kim Tae-gyun revealed that the jungle was more difficult than baseball.

On the 15th at 2 pm on SBS’s official YouTube channel, SBS NOW, a press conference for SBS entertainment program ‘Law of the Jungle-Stove League’ was broadcast live. The production presentation, which was held online in the aftermath of COVID-19, was attended by PD Park Yong-woo, director Lee Dong-guk, Kim Tae-gyun, Lee Cho-hee, and Na Tae-ju.

Kim Tae-gyun said about the opportunity to appear in ‘Law of the Jungle’, “I retired and sang a lot in various places, but I wanted to go to ‘Law of the Jungle’ the most. Everyone said, “If you go outside after retirement, you want to test me once, and I wanted to experience how I can survive in society.”

When asked whether baseball or the jungle was more difficult, “The jungle was more painful. Isn’t baseball something you’ve been doing your whole life? Even if I went to the field training, I did well, but in ‘Law of the Jungle’, I felt it was more difficult because I had an unfamiliar experience that I did not.”

Meanwhile, in ‘Law of the Jungle-Stove League’, you can see the survivability and humanity of sports stars who are satisfied with the background of Jeju Island, a treasure island of heaven, which has been selected as one of the world’s seven natural scenery. The first broadcast at 8:55 pm on the 16th.


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