McCauley Culkin also “Bravo” on “Remove a scene of Trump on Home Alone 2”

US President Donald Trump, who appeared in a cameo with Macauley Culkin in the movie ‘Home Alone 2’. PhotoㅣCapture the movie ‘Home Alone 2′

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Hollywood star McCully Culkin (40) has expressed his support for netizens’ claim to delete the cameo appearance of US President Donald Trump (74) in the movie ‘Home Alone 2′(1992).

According to Fox News on the 14th (local time), a fan of McCully Culkin suggested on Twitter on the 11th that the scene of President Trump’s appearance in the movie ‘Home Alone 2’ should be deleted and replaced with the appearance of Culkin, who is over 40. Then, another netizen posted a self-edited video that eliminated the appearance of President Trump in ‘Home Alone 2’, and McCauley Culkin responded to the suggestion, by saying “Bravo.”

President Trump made a cameo appearance in ‘Home Alone 2 ‘in the role of a passerby telling the way to the main character Kevin (McCauley Culkin). At the time, President Trump owned the New York Plaza Hotel, which was the main setting for the film, and is known to have asked for his own cameo in exchange for allowing filming.

Director Chris Columbus, who directed the 2nd episode ‘Home Alone’, told an American magazine Insider last year, “We paid the Plaza Hotel to film the film, but Trump said, ‘You are allowed to shot the film only when I appear on Home Alone.” That’s why the outgoing president of America appeared on the film.

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