‘Morning Yard’ Park Gwang-hyun “My wife Sohn Hee-seung and 6 years of marriage, a lifelong friend”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Park Gwang-hyun showed affection for his wife.

On the 15th broadcast of KBS1’s ‘Morning Madang’, ‘Live Talk If I’m Me’, we talked about the theme of ‘a new leap forward, love is mine’.

Park Gwang-hyun’s wife Son Hee-seung said, “I like to exercise together. I can’t even choose clothes by myself, and I like the clothes I choose. I do shopping together.”

In response, Park Gwang-hyun said, “Because I was an only child, I got a lot of loneliness. I got married and made a friend I will be with for a lifetime. We exercise together and go to the gym. Even if I go shopping, I enjoy eating delicious food and shopping together.”

In addition, Son Hee-seung said, “My husband does what I want to do. It’s fun to do with my brother. I want to do it again.” Park Gwang-hyun trembled, saying, “I made soap together.”


Photo|Capture of KBS broadcasting screen
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