‘Mysterious Story Y’, followed by an emergency rescuer’s death, suffered assault for 5 years

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Mysterious Story Y’, we highlight the death of a private emergency rescue team assault.

In the SBS current affairs program ‘Mysterious Story Y’, which airs on the 15th, it covers the entire death of the Gimhae Private Emergency Rescue Corps assault that took place at the end of the year at Christmas, and accuses the perpetrators of the perpetrators who have clung to the victims for years.

On the 25th of last month, which was Christmas, Myung-soo (pseudonym) received an unexpected phone call. Hyung Hak-soo (pseudonym), who works as an emergency rescuer for the private rescue team, died. Myung-soo ran to the hospital because he was worried about having a traffic accident because he was driving an emergency vehicle. But the body was too terrible to be an accident.

“When you go back… I saw your body, but I can’t really express it in words. Due to the hot skin, there is no skin underneath it. It was peeled off. Wasn’t I tortured this part at the police station…”, said Hak-soo (pseudonym)’s younger brother

The 119 crew, who had been reported and dispatched to the scene, said they did not understand the situation at the time. It is said that the president who reported the report was doing CPR, even though the post-mortem stiffness had already appeared on Hak-soo’s body. The president of a private rescue team said that he only kicked his leg a few times because of a quarrel the day before. However, when a video of assaulting Hak-soo was found, the president was eventually arrested on charges of assault and lethality.

The assault began around 2pm on the 24th, which was Christmas Eve. The boss, who started the assault because he didn’t report things in time, said that he had been assaulted for more than 12 hours and left Hak-soo, who lost his mind, in the office overnight. The boss was assaulted the next morning as well, and in the end, Hak-soo was killed by multiple injuries and exogenous shock. By the way, Hak-soo’s colleagues said the boss’s rant and assault had been going on for years.

Throughout the five years he has worked here, Hak-soo is said to have suffered assault by the president, and has been regularly assaulted more than three times a week. He even asked the boss to take care of his dog and let him live with the dog in the dorm, and even put a CCTV in his room to monitor Hak-soo’s every step of the way.

Hak-soo, who was healthy before starting work, was lean enough not to know, and said that he was unconditionally obeying the boss’s words to the extent that it was strange to others. Why he couldn’t get out of the boss’s grasp and face his death can be confirmed in ‘Mysterious Story Y’, broadcast at 9 pm on the 15th.


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