‘Second assault against Ban Min-jung’ Cho Deok-je, one year and two months in prison ‘statutory restraint’

Cho Deokje. PhotoㅣStar Today DB

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Cho Duk-je, 53, who was handed over to trial for defamation of actor Ban Min-jung, 40, was sentenced to imprisonment and was arrested in court.

On the 14th, Judge Park Chang-woo, who was solely for criminal 2 of the Uijeongbu District Act, was imprisoned on the 14th for the accused of violating the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. It was sentenced to February of one year. His wife, Jeong, who lived with him on the same charges, was sentenced to two years of probation in June.

The judge said, “The defendant, Mr. Cho, indicated the false facts with arbitrary speculation. By producing and posting a video different from the actual scene of the forced harassment, the victim appears to have made a false statement.”

“It seems that Mr. Cho complained of the resentment of forced harassment and committed the crime, but after the second trial, he was dissatisfied with the judgment and committed the crime.”

During the filming of the movie ‘Analog Human’ in April 2015, Cho was accused of contacting body parts, such as tearing his underwear and putting his hand in her pants without Ban’s consent, and the Supreme Court convicted him.

Cho Deok-je wrote a fake news through Lee Jae-po, an acquaintance of comedians, who was trying to disparage anti-Min-jung while he was being tried on the allegations. In the end, Lee Jae-po was sentenced to one year and two months in prison in 2018 and was arrested in court. According to Cho Deok-je’s claim, Kim Jeong-gyun heard of the anti-Minjung food poisoning incident from his acquaintance, the restaurant owner, and delivered it to Lee Jae-po and Cho Deok-je.

In 2018, the Supreme Court sentenced Cho Deok-je to one year in prison, two years probation, and completion of a 40-hour sexual violence treatment program. At the time, the judge ruled, “Mr. Jo committed a crime away from acting, making Mr. Ban feel emotionally shocked and sexually shameful.”

However, afterwards, Cho Deok-je was accused of consistently slandering anti-Min-jung on social media, and his wife, Jeong, was also included. Ban Min-jung’s side said, “Cho Deok-je and his wife have not stopped further harassing the victims until now. Even though it was clearly found to be false through the trial, they have spread false facts.” “Reproducing images that are clearly different from the actual case I made it and released it to the public.”


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