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[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Jaeha of the ‘Trot National Competition’ Global unveils a secret weapon.

On the 16th at 10:30 pm, KBS2 ‘Trot National Competition’ will be broadcast.

Following the last episode on this day, the ultimate maramat one-on-one deathmatch performed by people who believe and see in a tense nervous war is planning to make the home theater exciting.

In particular, Jae-ha, who is regarded as a rival of the powerful champion Jin Hae-seong and has emerged as an emerging trot powerhouse, is expected to be thrilled by pointing out the confrontation opponent with a strong determination and announcing the success of a successive death match.

It is a treasured weapon that attracts attention from its appearance with a witty performance, by singing ‘Lipstick’, a song of Lim Joo-ri, Jae-ha’s mother, and shows its presence once more with charm and sensitivity beyond imagination.

Including Jae-ha’s special stage, the ‘Trot National Competition’, which will draw the final death match that has become even more hot and fierce, is broadcast every Saturday.


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