‘All The Butlers’ Jeffrey D. Jones “I feel like I came home when visiting Korea after 6.25”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Jeffrey D. Jones, a rich man under the title of ‘Deacons’, gave a deep resonance by conveying his life goal of ‘I want to be useful’.

According to the audience rating research institute Nielsen Korea, the household audience rating of the SBS entertainment program ‘All The Butlers’, which aired on the 17th, rose 1.4 percentage points from last week to 7.3% (hereinafter based on the second part of the metropolitan area), and ‘2049 target audience ratings’, an indicator of topical performance and competitiveness. Recorded 3.4%, and the highest rating per minute soared to 8.2%.

On this day’s broadcast, a high-quality ‘Room performance’ with ‘Musical Living Legend’ Choi Jeong-won, Kim So-hyun, and Cha Ji-yeon was unveiled for viewers amid the prolonged COVID-19 incident. In addition, Jeffrey Jones, who appeared as the next mastermind, drew attention by conveying his life goal of ‘I want to be useful’.

The members who received special training from musical actors Choi Jeong-won, Kim So-hyun, and Master Cha Ji-Yeon set up a musical stage with them. Cha Ji-yeon and Lee Seung-gi are ‘Love Song’ in ‘Seopyeonje’, Choi Jeong-won and Kim Dong-hyeon, Yang Se-hyung, and Cha Eun-woo are’ ‘All That Jazz’ in ‘Chicago’, Of Me’ and ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’, they performed in a room at the Gwiho River, which aroused the cheers of many musical fans.

The next teacher appeared was Jeffrey Jones, the lawyer of the largest law firm in Korea, chairman of a non-profit welfare organization foundation, and president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea. He said, “I opened the door as soon as I arrived at Gimpo Airport, and the smell of natural feed came in. Unlike the foreigners around me, I felt like ‘I came home’. I remembered when I first came to Korea, saying, ‘I thought I was Korean in my previous life.’

Jeffrey Jones also revealed what prompted him to study law. He said, “When I visited Korea, it wasn’t long after the Korean War. There were a lot of problems with separated families, and conversations were common that they didn’t know where their families were.” He said, “I wanted to become a psychiatrist and heal the pain of war.” He continued, “I wasn’t right because I was going to school. I had nothing to do, so I became a lawyer.”

He was curious about the 2012 London Olympics as his most memorable defense. It turns out that he was a lawyer who defended Park Jong-woo, who was on the verge of depriving a bronze medal with the ceremony of ‘Dokdo is Korea’s territory’. Jeffrey Jones said, “I won the medal by acting as a lawyer for Park Jong-woo. I was very happy.” In addition, he drew attention as it was revealed that he was constantly making free arguments for various players such as Lee Yong-dae, Kim Ki-jeong, and Kim Hyun-woo, in addition to Park Jong-woo.

On this day, at the proposal of Jeffrey Jones, the members directly challenged the merger and acquisition negotiations. Yang Se-hyung took charge of giant companies Lee Seung-gi, and Shin Sung-rok and Cha Eun-woo took charge of startups Kim Dong-hyun. Shin Sung-rok cited the growth potential and cost-performance ratio as Kim Dong-hyun’s strengths. Kim Dong-hyun, who heard this, said, “1 Lee Seung-gi is 10 Kim Dong-hyeon. It is possible to invest in several places,” he said clearly and made a smile. In response, Yang Se-hyung replied, “Because I believe, I am buying stocks with high stock prices because it is safe.” In addition, Yang Se-hyung appealed for Lee Seung-gi’s being active in various fields, including singers, acting, and variety, and that he has strong mental power and physical strength.

Jeffrey Jones asked, “Do you really want to sell it?” Lee Seung-gi, who considered sincerity important, replied sincerely, saying, “Honestly, I don’t want it very much.” During this time, Cha Eun-woo said, “Kim Dong-hyun said, ‘I want to sell it for free,'” and Kim Dong-hyun said, “I want to get an opportunity to expand it. Please help.”

In the end, Jeffrey Jones decided to take over Kim Dong-hyun. He said, “If you said ‘I want to make a lot of money’, I would have chosen Lee Seung-gi. To the most important question, Lee Seung-gi gave an honest answer, saying, ‘I don’t want to sell it very much.’ He said that the possibility of going together in the long run is more important than the immediate profits of mergers and acquisitions. On the other hand, this scene in which the members showed a fierce battle while showing a striking ‘Chin Chin Chemie’ was laughed and took the ‘best 1 minute’ with an audience rating of 8.2% per minute.

On the other hand, Jeffrey Jones, who is also the chairman of a non-profit foundation that pursues children’s welfare, said, “The foundation builds a house. Families often break up while sick children are being treated. So we make a house where families can stay.” He introduced ‘House’. To help children get better quickly by offloading their families.

The house that was released next attracted attention as it was located right next to the hospital, as well as a space where families can relax and study space for children who cannot go to school. It was a space that truly contained Jeffrey Jones’s wishes for children having a hard time to be with their families comfortably even for a moment. Later, he introduced the poem of a 16-year-old girl who suffered from myelogenous leukemia, saying, “We must help these children. This is the best thing I do.” Finally, he said, “I always have something to say ‘I want to be useful’. I want to be a useful person. That is the goal of my life.”


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