Song Ga-in appeared on home shopping promotion, the reason why she doesn’t receive fee

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Song Ga-in once again created a myth as the ‘perfect queen’.

On the 16th, Song Ga-in appeared on a home shopping broadcast that was broadcast live from 8:30 pm to 65 minutes, and performed a special live performance for fans with a sensible talk.

Home shopping broadcasts also recorded the highest ratings as they showed signs of selling out at the start of the broadcast and lived up to the expectation of the ‘Song Ga-in effect’.

It was revealed that Song Ga-in appeared without an appearance fee as part of ‘Helping Good Good SMEs’ in this broadcast, giving people warmth.

Song Ga-in said, “SMEs are in a difficult situation. It was so sad that I decided to join the home shopping broadcast for the first time.”

After being selected as ‘Miss Trot’, Song Ga-in recorded the highest ratings for each entertainment program she appeared, and brought an explosive reaction to the point that she was nicknamed ‘Audience Rate Maker’.

With the recent release of the 2nd regular album, it has been hotly popular by appearing on the ‘Trot National Sports Festival’ broadcast.

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