‘The House Detox’ Boy farmer Han Tae-woong, what is the history of large families?

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Boy farmer Han Tae-woong’s concerns about the arrangement are revealed in The House Detox.

In tvN’s ‘The House Detox’ (directed by Kim Yu-gon, Kim Sang-ah) aired at 10:30 pm on the 18th, Han Tae-woong, a 19-year-old farmer, who has lived more than half of his life with farming, appears. ‘The House Detox’ visited to the rural for the first time, is expected to capture the attention by revealing new landscapes and house structures that have not been seen before.

In particular, the fact that one of the most important reasons for Han Tae-woong’s request to organize the house was her grandmother’s health attracted attention. After the surgery, the two-story house is a difficult situation for a grandmother who has become somewhat uncomfortable with her body. He said he wanted to give a gift called ‘The House Detox’ through a request today for the grandmother and grandfather who raised themselves like their parents in a house where three generations live together.

On this day, the situation in the house that was not seen in the previous ordering is revealed. Not only the environment that shows off the rural side to the full, but also the appearance of a group that is embarrassed by the fresh environment, such as a congratulatory message reminiscent of an animal farm and a kitchen divided into two floors, will be a point to watch. This is the reason why we are more curious about how the previous generation of living of a large family who has been together for 30 years with a whopping 6 refrigerators will be organized.

Han Tae-woong and his grandfather’s so-called ‘Rural Maximal’ also brings an unexpected development. Han Tae-woong, who can’t easily throw away even a small box, and his grandfather, who hesitated to throw it away because of his caring heart, will add fun to the appearance of a new organization that launched ‘The House Detox’.

On the other hand, tvN ‘The House Detox’ is a program that organizes things in your own space, ‘home’, and shares know-how to add happiness to the space, and is broadcast every Monday at 10:30 pm.



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