YumDaeng, succeeded in losing weights “I gained 72kg after kidney transplant”

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Popular YouTuber YumDaeng revealed her attractive appearance after a successful diet.

On the 17th, YumDaeng released a photo of her posing in a blue suit on her Instagram. In the photo, the swelling of the face has disappeared, and the body is also slim.

YumDaeng said, “I gained a total of 24kg, becoming 72kg while taking a kidney transplant and taking steroids.” “The changes made my emotions depressed.”

YumDaeng said, “I started to feel that the exercise was fun with Pilates, which I accidentally started last year. Thanks to this, I became interested in various sports and started Latin dance, broadcast dance, fitness, tennis, swimming, and bowling.” She explained that Latin dance was really the best way to lose weights. And because strength exercises and aerobics came together, she succeeded in losing weights. She explained that he lost weight through exercise.

YumDaeng said, “I feel proud every time I check my eye body these days. I have abs, my back muscles, and my overall muscle mass has increased. I want to show you my hope.”

Lastly, she said, “I will try more challenges this year. I will try to keep my body healthy, work hard, and show a lot of good looks, so even if it is not enough, please look at me pretty.”

YumDaeng is actively working with her husband’s Great Library, a popular YouTuber. In last year’s broadcast, she confessed her son’s existence and received a lot of support.


Photo|Yumdeng SNS
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