Lee Yoon-ji, an enthusiastic actor and screaming mother’s honey-like outing at ‘Song Square’

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Actor Lee Yoon-ji went out like honey after a long time.

Lee Yoon-ji appeared as a guest in KBS Cool FM ‘Jung Eun-ji’s Song Square’ that aired on the 19th.

DJ Jung Eun-ji introduced Lee Yoon-ji as ‘Rani Soul is a mother and actor Lee Yoon-ji’. Lee Yoon-ji revealed the weight of her mother, saying, “I wanted to remove the modifier ‘Rani·Soul’s a mother’. It’s a little heavy. I’m very cautious in the first place, but it’s more like that.”

On this day, a listener sent a real-time text message saying, “Rani, how are you doing your soul. Do you have a third plan?” Lee Yoon-ji replied, “There is absolutely no. I always tell Soul. I emphasize that you are the youngest of my house.”

On this day, DJ Jung Eun-ji raised various problems, saying, “I will try to play a balance game.” The first question was, “After COVID-19, the relationship between the couple has improved and VS complaints have increased.” At the same time, when she replied, “I talk a lot behind the scenes” to “When I meet a friend, I talk to my husband a lot, and I show off a lot.”

“I met a life work, but if I have to make a long-term provincial appearance for a long time, I will do that work vs. not.” Lee Yoon-ji replied, “I am the only one among the questions. I will respond to the appearance.” She said, “If it’s just a work, it’s hard to answer for sure, but if it’s a life work, it’s better to do it. I think that showing such a figure will be a better education for Rani and Soul.” Jung Eun-ji cheered, “I want my mom to do what she wants rather than give up something for me. It would be nice to do it unconditionally.”

In the JTBC Friday and Saturday drama “The Third Charm,” which ended in 2018, Lee Yoon-ji also received favorable reviews for her shaving to digest the role of Baek Ju-ran who had cancer.

Among the skinships with the husband and the children, it was revealed that the skinships with the children are better. “My family tends to have a lot of skinships. My husband also has a lot of skinships with the kids. I think I’m trying to pay attention to The Rani after the second soul is formed. I know I’m very tired, but I appreciate my husband trying to spend time with my child. “He said. “The two often watch YouTube, but once they watch the video of the singer that Dad wants to see, and the other time, they watch the video of the singer that Rani wants to see. It looks very nice,” he said.

Lee Yoon-ji said, “I have a lot of worries about what to do and play at home because of the fortress COVID-19. I sometimes play with a rest feeling and imitate the mother’s table games on social media. Children’s time is too wasteful to spend time in vain.” The face was revealed.

In the second half of the broadcast, a listener sent a real-time text, “When will the next work be done?” Lee Yoon-ji replied, “I’m still looking at some of the works. I don’t know when to show these works. But I’m also preparing for it. Secondly, I thought it was time to move when I was a little big.”

Another listener asked, “Is the next role I would like to play with a romance with a younger than 10 years old, or is it the role of a mother?” Lee Yoon-ji pointed in turn, saying, “What I want to do is this way, and what I can do well is this way.” Then, “(husband) is watching, so I’ll answer like this,” she trembled. DJ Jeong Eun-ji said, “The radio you see is so good.”

Lee Yoon-ji said, “It was nice to go out after a long time. I hope you are healthy in the new year. I don’t want to go home.”

Lee Yoon-ji married Dentist Jeong Hanul in 2014 and has two daughters, Rani and Soul Yang.


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